Surrounded by forest and stream, situated in the mountainous area of Kakegawa "If you're here-no-Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

5/8, Kakegawa City North middle school 1st grade everyone "to learn from nature employees interact" If you came here at the campground.

9:00 and left the school after the 10 o'clock if you arrive here at the campground. I cooked the rice in the cooker and curries.

Most was students first Cook the rice in the cooker, but somehow delicious rice cooked to a turn is.

Curry Curry!

The Curry we made delicious!

I have begins to drizzle in the afternoon.

If you started off trips to school here camping then Kakegawa City Forestry Association and the cherry blossoms bloom.

Wood is boiled rice cooker and curries.

It is a great smoke. It is smoke.

All Curry, which is exceptional.

It is a complete meal.

We wash with cooker.

This is the return of crockery.

School next destination, Kakegawa City Forestry Association and the cherry blossom is a departure.
Thank you very much.
Also, please come to the campground.