Surrounded by forest and stream, situated in the mountainous area of Kakegawa "If you're here-no-Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

If you here Cherry Blossom Festival was held grandly.

Cherry, thank you visiting the Festival held in many people.

You open about 90 stores and flea markets and local specialties sales could be held.

Other free market blossom live and little kids workshop, if you here juice free services such as events were held.

Flea market

Flea market

Produce or selling local products in season, buds, shoots and homemade miso, bamboo

Sweet stay in salt

The roast of beef 3 kg, the children are curious people, tasting.

Cherry blossom viewing live

Kid craft classroom world's one commemorative product manufacturing

For cocktails

If you're in the soup here long queues

If you here juice 500 servings are sold out in 30 minutes

Co., Ltd. capital in the forest if you're here President Matsui Kakegawa Mayor greeting after the cake throwing start

拾emashita rice cakes and sweets a lot. Thank you very much.