Spring is far...

 It is a little after 2 months.
I tried watching the trees of the camping site.
Stand the harsh winter, the buds on the trees are growing considerably.

It is Quercus.

It is in Japanese.

It is in miyamatsutuji.

It is horse chestnut.
Cold winter is over, spring is coming up.

Speaking of early-flowering cherryKawazu cherry blossomIs famous for, but also to our campsite planted about 40.

Buds have swollen considerably.
Flowering is fun.

4/8 (Sunday) Cherry Blossom Festival flea market merchants are seeking.

 4/8 (Sunday) Cherry looking for Festival flea market merchantsIs.
95 images in all the 71 parcels stores have made a decision. (Current 2/22)
It is 2000 yen per piece (about 4 m x 5.5 m).
Still, the 24 parcels we are looking for! We forward your application.

Coming here at the Office if you apply directly, or
On the postcard, address, name, phone number, marketing materials and would like the parcel number please
Please send to the address below. Please fill out the to use fire equipment.

This village is 436-0332, Kakegawa city residence butt 179

In addition, reservations by phone are not accepted.

2/20 (Tuesday), 3/6 (Tuesday), 3/20 (Tuesday) is closed on Mondays.

 2/20 (Tuesday), 3/6 (Tuesday), 3/20 (Tuesday)is the same as the
Campgrounds and Onsen hotel定休日Is.
Phone does not connect, be informed in advance please.

 Furthermore,Campsite is open from April until October.
For phone reservations, awaits you.

We enjoy the chocolate fondue.

 2/10 (Saturday) / 11 / (Sunday) your guestsChocolate fondueWe have fun.

Pretz, Kiwi, banana and marshmallow Bell sponge cake, etc.... how??

It is in the Wai Wai, all make it fun.

 Children and women are, of course, was well received on the men.

Great smile! Camping de fondue!

 Next time based on white,3/10 (Saturday)Is.
Hotel limited planningIt is. Free of charge.
You alsoCamping de fondueWhat does not.
Telephone reservation, wait and then have to do.