Surrounded by forest and stream, situated in the mountainous area of Kakegawa "If you're here-no-Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

 If no. 2 annual Thanksgiving day here water is 11/4 (Saturday).
From 10:00 up to 1:00 PM sell 切reji whether or not it is.

Bathing the first 200 people see an assortment of candy"gifts!

If you're dining here at sweet service!

Harmonica music.

If you're on sale at the gift shop here water
Baked sweet potatoes... ¥ 100 ~
CHOW Mein: 100 yen
Oshiruko: 100 yen
If you here juice... ¥ 100
Oden: 100 yen

In addition, a lot of delicious local products.