City time 道丹 between the lines about lane (announcement)

Shimada City (formerly Kanaya town ojiro) leading from the Kakegawa 丹間City 丹間 line
But now, for the restoration ofTime zone fieldHas become.
Closed periodUp to 2/29/2016 (except on Sundays)
All time zones8:30-12:00
City 道丹 between the lines available, hot springs (if this spring), etc., will benefit from
The inconvenience for some inconvenience, but
Best regards.

Plot site renovation begins

Thank you for your time.
1/26 (Tuesday)Plot site renovationBegins.
Have ever had a distinction between large and small parcel site
Due to this construction, subdivision, and expanded the area
In one small area to get rid of, and will be available from 4/1
Will be available in the conventional area and charges until the end of March.
Also, usage charges per 6100 Yen so far from April all parcels5,200Circular to
I intend to amend.
This works for the 1/25 from the (Monday) 2/5 (Friday) to the
Area site will be closed.
Best regards.

If you're over water exhibit photos here

“>> "distil landscape.font >The winter version from the Southern Alps of five works, silver and eight high mountain haranoya Fuji Vista in early spring and trees sparkling winter landscape photo gomyo in WPI's offer if water on-site here inDuring the exhibitionIt is.Come to see us.