Surrounded by forest and stream, situated in the mountainous area of Kakegawa "If you're here-no-Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

Traffic access


From Kakegawa Station North exit north in a car 30 minutes haranoya (haranoya) River flows along.
Nature encounter Antelope distil region is located in the northernmost city and, if you're lucky enough.

If arriving by car.

Use the public access

-JR Kakegawa Station North exit: bus Kakegawa bus spring line 6 line ⇒ if water bus stop
(30 minutes)

Kakegawa station last bus is 17:30.
Rates are one way 300 yen (check the Kakegawa HP in the timetable for more information)

Butt to be 179, Kakegawa, Shizuoka,