Surrounded by forest and stream, situated in the mountainous area of Kakegawa "If you're here-no-Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

four searsons in narakoko

If this spring

April Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring flowers of the season. If you're around here, even cherry, of course, big tails mountain Metro and mountain walks, hiking and enjoy. You might also encounter cannot be seen easily in everyday life, flowers and animals.

If this summer

Summer camp home season. Wings, extended ourselves in the wilderness.
Ayu Hi passengers catching haranoya stream in 川asobi, enjoy hiking, summer is full.

If you fall here

Autumn is the season of autumn. Nut hiroiya, hiking, enjoying the harvest season. Chestnut, akebi, Assembly, can be seen and brought flowers.

If you winter here

About once a year, but thin out even and blanket of snow and the snow. Body frozen in the cold weather and see if this spring "evolved in from it becomes warm. A quiet mountain alone, watching the scenery will be relieved.