Thank you again next year.





12March 31, (Sunday) campsite for guests staying up 3:00 PM to make arrangements for check-in done please.

12At March 31, (Sunday)The notice to guests staying at the campground.

Please check-in (registration and payment) is up to 3:00 PM is.

Best regards.

In a parent-child enjoyed the creation of miniature & mini kadomatsu.

Last year the popularDid the creation of parent-child miniature & mini kadomatsu

Many of you who participated.
And so on, some from yesterday at the campground guests, last year continue to participants....
Ladies and gentlemen, has listened seriously to learn.

Without the wind, it was a quiet day.

What kindMini kadomatsuTo be.

MiniatureThe ornament is which one should I get?

It has now been completed.

Completed mini kadomatsuWith is the best shot. To become better next year....

Whats the soup at the end.

Join us for lots of parents and children, thank you!

1/8 (Monday) until you can pass in the Owada tunnel. 1/9 (Tuesday) from the Owada tunnel is daytime and night-time pedestrian. Closed on Sundays and public holidays may be allowed.


1月9日から、掛川川根線 大和田トンネル関連工事により、
夜間及び昼間 全面通行止めになります。
通行可能時間  6:00~8:40
日曜、祝祭日は規制解除It comes to.



The news about holiday sales.

Camping is a 1/1 (Monday) ~ is off 1/6 (Saturday).
Materially because the call does not connect please.

Spring turns on the operating time (hours).
12/31 (Sunday) 10:00-5:00 PM
1/1 (Monday) 8:00-5:00 PM
 1/2 (Tuesday) 10:00-5:00 PM
1/3 (Wednesday) 10:00-5:00 PM
 1/4 (Thursday) from the the normal sales we will be.

Furthermore,1/9 (Tuesday)-16, (Tuesday), camping, hot springs and closedIs.
Please do not mistake.

Do not make a group planting mini kadomatsu.

 Only 12/24 (Sunday) limited planning!
From 9:30 till noon in 1st floor conference room, administration building.
Materials fee 1000 yen, so kawaii mini kadomatsu and miniature Cha.

 If your application is here Office please call 0537-25-2055.

Please bring work gloves, shovel, flower shears.
 No doubt that desire becomes glamorous entrance!

12We are seeking (Sunday) to do June 24 miniature & mini kadomatsu "making of" of the participating parents and children

 Thou hast a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
It is only 12/24 (Sunday) planning.

Pine tree, It is cute.It is also in the Interior of the rooms nice.

Mini kadomatsu bonsai!The entrance looks spectacular!.

 Miniature & mini kadomatsu, set in and1,000Circle!
Only parent-child 20Is.

Here Office 0537-25-2055 to please request is to you as soon as possible.

Make the original pizza in a stone oven.

 Delicious pizza, original pizzas make fun!

When12/2 (Saturday)-9, (Saturday)-16, (Saturday)
2:00 PM-4:00 PM

Where kitchen wing of administration building before

Participation fee500 yen(Other material)

Camping Park officials Grilled pizza.

 Application and admission If you're firm here 0537-25-2055To thank you.

 Freshly baked pizza is a taste you just...