Mountain spring

It is a very nice day today.
Good winds and warm, stroking her cheeks.

Kawazu cherry blossoms are in bloom!
Spring is coming slowly! ~

Flea market opening submissions 95-images now(Thank you)

4/10 (Sunday) Cherry received many submissions for Festival flea market stalls, thank you very much.
Section 95 has been reached, thank you.
2/29 (Monday) until the deadline is waiting and we will.

Thank you very much.

Please apply by postcard tenants decide subsequently Guide mailed in by will.
Best regards.

On 3 December,

3/1 (Tuesday) and 3/15 (Tuesday)The camping sites, spas andClosed on MondaysIs.
Phone does not connect, be informed in advance please.

Furthermore,Campground April-open every day from 10-In will be open.
Telephone booking and are looking forward to)^ o ^(

"Trout FRY stocking" held

In the 2/7, if our last camp site haranoya River
According to the Committee to clean up the water of the Ota River basinTrout FRY stocking societyBut
24The family attended.
This fish is in the 11/8In amago salmon from egg eyesChild single 10 particle
20Takes each grain, become a foster parent in plastic bottles,
It is what has been brought up.
This business has interest in creatures of the water children, importance of life.
Learn was planned.

Spring is coming...

Continues to be a cold day, but a couple of days ago
Our camping siteCherry blossoms (Sakura kawazu)Flower and flower
Flowers start to bloom.
Buds are larger, so is this to much fun.

Closed extension of small parcel site (News)

Parcel sites has been closed.
Plot site [s]For the continued development work is needed from the
3/17 (Thursday) up close.And we will be.
We appreciate the inconvenience caused.
NoteThe large area siteThat are available.

February and March closed announcements

2/2 (Tuesday)-16 (Tuesday) and 3/1 (Tuesday) and 15 (fire)The camping sites, spas andClosed on MondaysWe will be.
Please note that the call does not connect.

The recruit flea market stalls

4/10 (Sunday)Cherry Blossom Festival at the flea marketWill do. Accepting exhibitors!
Recruitment section is 95-megapixel. Fees are 1-2.,000 yen.Application period is 2/22 (Monday)-29 (March) Is. At the camping place was noted to use postcard for the address, name, age, phone number, major exhibits, would like the parcel number, heat, or mailed (436-0332, Kakegawa city residence butt 179 is here-no-Sato) please.