If you here Cherry Blossom Festival was held.

If you here Cherry Blossom Festival was held grandly.

Cherry, thank you visiting the Festival held in many people.

You open about 90 stores and flea markets and local specialties sales could be held.

Other free market blossom live and little kids workshop, if you here juice free services such as events were held.

Flea market

Flea market

Produce or selling local products in season, buds, shoots and homemade miso, bamboo

Sweet stay in salt

The roast of beef 3 kg, the children are curious people, tasting.

Cherry blossom viewing live

Kid craft classroom world's one commemorative product manufacturing

For cocktails

If you're in the soup here long queues

If you here juice 500 servings are sold out in 30 minutes

Co., Ltd. capital in the forest if you're here President Matsui Kakegawa Mayor greeting after the cake throwing start

拾emashita rice cakes and sweets a lot. Thank you very much.


Now cherry trees are in full bloom.

Once cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

If you're here camping bridge near

Cherry Blossom camp

Water became a warm season.

Is a fine school blooming Sakura cherry blossoms

Sakura bloom school

Sakura bloom school

Doll school 月okure Cherry Blossom Festival

Hinamatsuri Sakura bloom school 月okure to 4/7 9:00 to 16:30
Admission: adults 200 yen, elementary school students the following free
Please stop by.

Like spring break.




Stone kiln pizza experience resume



とき 3月24日・31日(土)   


申込受付 ならここ事務所0537-25-2055

ところ 管理棟前の炊事棟
参加費 Ⅰ枚500円 (材料費他)




The news about holiday sales.

Camping is a 1/1 (Monday) ~ is off 1/6 (Saturday).
Materially because the call does not connect please.

Spring turns on the operating time (hours).
12/31 (Sunday) 10:00-5:00 PM
1/1 (Monday) 8:00-5:00 PM
 1/2 (Tuesday) 10:00-5:00 PM
1/3 (Wednesday) 10:00-5:00 PM
 1/4 (Thursday) from the the normal sales we will be.

Furthermore,1/9 (Tuesday)-16, (Tuesday), camping, hot springs and closedIt is.
Please do not mistake.

You can pass on Sunday. Kakegawa root line (Owada tunnel section) until the end of October, daytime pedestrian is the restriction on Sunday, can pass. On weekdays and Saturday will be regulated.

On weekdays and Saturday "If this spring" and "If here camping" to the access
Bypassing the Kakegawa tenryu line (State Route 40) and Owada forest line (state route 269)
Please come from haratani, Harada.

Furthermore, customers from outside the Prefecture and cityNew Tomei forest Kakegawa I.C. or route 1
Please use the Lake interchange on the route (formerly Kakegawa bypass).

NotetheOn weekdays and Saturday at 12 pm-13:00 while passableIt is.

Campsite is a 10/7 (Saturday), 8 (Sunday) please please only subscribe to enter. In addition, hot springs don't need reservations.

 If you notice from the campground here.

If you're here at the campground reservations for many, thank you for.

 Camping grounds are 10/7 (Saturday) and 10/8 (Sunday), please only subscribe to enterWe will be.
Camping and day trips barbecue materials please subscribeTo be limited.

I'm sorry, above, the book of your admission
Will be permitted.

Please understand, because our visitors enjoy a comfortable camp.

Furthermore,You don't need hot springs reservation.Please do not mistake.

10March 10, (Tuesday)-until the end of October, Owada tunnel is a pedestrian during the day.

 Kakegawa root line (Owada tunnelWellhead locations) in a rock fall prevention for
10/10 (Tuesday)-until the end of October, daytime pedestrianIn the will.
On Sundays and public holidays is deregulation.

When you comePlease use the new Tomei forest Kakegawa interchange.

The forest Kakegawa interchange from the village here never shops such as supermarkets and convenience stores.
Finished shopping, please.

7January 7, (Tuesday) 18, (Tuesday) hot spring holiday.

 7/7 (Tuesday), 18, (Tuesday).TheSpa holidayIt is.
Please do not mistake.

The camp site is April-is open until October.

CARP are swimming.

 There have been Sun from noon.

 Green breeze.
Streamers are feeling good, swimming.