Notice of traffic control during construction of the Kakegawa River roots line shoulder slope


1 工事箇所  掛川市大和田地内

2 工事期間  平成30年5月21日(月)~平成30年10月19日(予定)

3 工事時間  午前8時30分~午後5時

4 規制内容  片側交互通行・通行止規制(迂回路あります)

5 その他   皆様に大変ご迷惑をお掛けしておりました、大和田トンネル内及び





Announcements from the hot spring hotel

For facility maintenance
6Moon5(Fire)-6()-7(Wood)-8(Gold)DayTheClosed:And we will be.
Thank you the inconvenience caused.

5/19(Soil), will hold a workshop bamboo lamp making.



Bamboo painted like a picture or a pattern, drill a hole with a drill.

You end up having a nice lamp if you put in the lights and candles.

How to make the instructor will tell.

  毎週土曜日 午後1時~5時(最終受付午後4時)

◎所要時間 約90分

◎会場  森林回帰館(ドーム型の建物)

◎参加費 1,500 yen

Is the finished image. We design the original lamp.

Choose a favorite bamboo.

Draw a design on the bamboo, drill a hole with a drill.

Gas burner in the stage.

Every day is a big success.

Instructors will tell you kindly.


Forest regression Pavilion venue is.

Forest regression Pavilion venue is.

Today is children's day.











Get to the river the good this square events

Events will be held in this square.

"Get on the river.

And the contents of amago salmon grilled with salt (1 piece)
-Porridge making help in times of disaster

On 5/5 (Saturday) 10:00-1:00 PM

VenueThis square (, Kakegawa-Shi Owada)
If you're located 5 km downstream from the campground here.
Near the armpit of law

The children and their parents

Participation fee 550 Yen / person

Registration is not required.

Query destination haranoya River fishery (090-3489 - 6,396

Like big holidays late. Please enter your reservation only and will be happy. Hot Springs reservation is not required.

From today got in the second half of the holiday season.

From last night until this morning in the rain.

Higher seems to rain in the morning, according to the weather forecast.

If you check weather conditions and traffic conditions to the last camp site on the

Please be careful enough, please.

3rd, 4th, 5th book customers in full. Thank you very much.

Only 3, 4, 5, make a reservation and be happy.

For your day trips of Q bar's stay will be limited to subscribers.

Streamers are awaiting visitors.

Your use of the campground,5/3 (Thursday), 4 (Friday), 5 (Saturday) Please only subscribers will be happy. The springs do not book.

It is 5 months from today. 1 day, 2 day is holiday season worries.

Today, tomorrow in our adult camp camping sites are somewhat quiet.

From the 3 day is a four-day holiday. Make a reservation now filled. Thank you very much.

3 days ~ happy only if you book until July 5. Thank you in advance.

Your day is barbecue materials are limited to subscribers.

Sorry, but these days without booking your admission is prohibited.

Streamers are awaiting visitors.

5/1 (Tuesday), 15, (Tuesday) is closed on hot springs.

5/1 (Tuesday), 15, (Tuesday) is closed on hot springs.

Please do not mistake.

Owada tunnel you can pass during the day.

Always "If you're here camping" stay thank you.
The root line KakegawaOwada tunnelConstruction on the South side of traffic regulations was lifted.
You can pass in during the day.
Furthermore, at night in the tunnel construction will still work.
Please, take care of yourself, please.

4/3 (Tuesday) / 17, (Tuesday) is the Hot Springs Museum closed on Mondays.

4/3 (Tuesday) and 4/17 (Tuesday) Spa Hotel Holiday
Campsites will be open.
Please do not mistake.