February and August reservations will begin accepting

 August reservations from 2/1 (Wednesday) 9:00Will be accepted.

Phone: 0537-25-2055

Telephone reservations, or directly if available in here Office check-in counter.

Hours trouble connecting the telephone is concentrated.
Note please.

So, other than the above phone number is not undercover book
Sorry for mistake of not please.

From your phone, we look forward.

2January 7, (Tuesday), 2/21 (Tuesday), is closed.

 2月7日(火)・2月21日(火)The campgrounds and Onsen hotelClosed on MondaysIt is.


1/17 (Tuesday) Please note that

1/17 (Tuesday)The campgrounds and Onsen hotelClosed on MondaysIt is.

Phone does not connect, be informed in advance please.

Happy new year

A happy new year!
Earlier this year, thank you for your people
Thank you sincerely.

Happy new year please thank you.

Furthermore,1/6 (Friday) camping, hot springs and holidayIt is.

CampingJuly-reservations accepted from 1/7 (Saturday) 9:00As an authorised.
From your phone, look forward to.