Thank you very much

Stay, thank you.



From the new year's day in the spring raffle.

 Bath limited from new year's day, 850 people only!
With no WINSTombolaWill do.

New year's day, 8:00-up to 5:00 PM (deadline) is.
It is burnt. You can relax here-

1/2, 3, 10:00-is open to 5:00 PM (deadline).

I look forward to.

The 12/31 ~ re bathing until the 1/3 is not possible.
1/6 (Friday) is off.

Please do not mistake.

Make a mini kadomatsu in parent-child and went to the hot springs

Today, from 9:30 parent-child pairs 18 to 40 people are challenged to create a mini kadomatsu.

Is good!

I can't wait for new year's day.

Guys, whats the good love and mochi)^o^(
In the spring, and clean.

Please, what kind of projects do you enjoy next year.

End of the year for holiday sales news.

  Camping 1/1 (Sunday)-is off 1/6 (Friday).
Phone does not connect, be informed in advance please.

 Spa and restaurant, 12/31 (Saturday) ~ 1/3 (Tuesday) until the hours may vary

1/6 (Friday) Spa, dining, camping, your Office will be closed.

 12/31 (Saturday) camping site is authorised solely for guests.

New year's family, if this spring, lazy does not?
Forward our to do!

12January 20, (Tuesday) is closed.

12/20 (Tuesday)The campgrounds and Onsen hotel定休日.。

Phone does not connect, be informed in advance please.

Mini kadomatsu and hot-spring bathing child recruitment!

Make a mini kadomatsu in parent-child, let's get to the hot springs!

☆ on 12/25/2016 (Sunday)

☆ venue here camp Park Administration Building 1st floor conference room.

☆ recruiting city residents pupils and their parents 30 pairs
(Sold out, the deadline. )

☆ bring flower shears, gloves and saw (if bamboo is cut)

☆ fees material fee 500 yen (pair)

Benefits-child pairs and half-price special bathing will be receive tickets
(510 yen) parent and child (300 yen) → 410 yen (, valid only on the day of

Camping here is contact (phone: 0537-25-2055)

Is the work of Kakegawa City North junior high school art club

Kakegawa City North junior high school art club member and Advisor, teacher, 13 members to the whats drawing cookhouse before the administration building's concrete wall.

It is a cute picture doing the catching of fish!

From 9:00 2:00 PM to kindly draw hard.
Thanks, fun kitchen.

Thank you very much.