Surrounded by forest and stream, located in mountainous areas, "Narakoko no Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

Make a mini kadomatsu in parent-child, let's get to the hot springs!

☆ on 12/25/2016 (Sunday)

☆ venue here camp Park Administration Building 1st floor conference room.

☆ recruiting city residents pupils and their parents 30 pairs
(Sold out, the deadline. )

☆ bring flower shears, gloves and saw (if bamboo is cut)

☆ fees material fee 500 yen (pair)

Benefits-child pairs and half-price special bathing will be receive tickets
(510 yen) parent and child (300 yen) → 410 yen (, valid only on the day of

Camping here is contact (phone: 0537-25-2055)