11January 1, (Tuesday) is closed.

11January 1, (Tuesday).The campgrounds and Onsen hotelClosed on MondaysIt is.

Phone does not connect, be informed in advance please.

Holiday is the announcements.

11January 1, (Tuesday) 11/15 (Tuesday) is closed on Mondays.
12January 6, (Tuesday), 12/20 (Tuesday), is closed.
Above, a campsite and springs, will be closed.

Furthermore,Camping 1/1/2017 (Sunday) 1/6 (Friday) holidays
Will be charged.
Best regards.

Hot Springs Hotel in 11/5 (Saturday) Thanksgiving.

 If the water Thanksgiving day here

Thanks if you celebrated its 13th anniversary this spring!
Always thanks to the Thanksgiving.

Date is Saturday 11/5
(From the 10:00 to the 1:00 PM 売切re one

☆ event information

If you're in hot water here, bathing the first 100
We will present "here stand of illusion".

* If you have meals in the dining room here, that in
There are services. (You may also purchase in 1 tablespoon 50 yen. )

♪ played by harmonica live... like professional volunteers.

☆ product sales information (if you shop at here in the hot water)!

Baked sweet potatoes... ¥ 100 ~
Boil chestnut... 100 yen
Oshiruko: 50 Yen
If you here juice... ¥ 50 (home butt morning fair sponsor)
Walnut: 100 yen

In addition, such as vegetables, Kiwi fruit, and red rice, rice cake
Variety of local products
I look forward to.
Please take a look at the.

Staff sincerely look forward to.

Special events! Is a hot spring ticket set on sale.

If you notice from this spring

Special events! If you set sale ticket hot water bathing here is

This year, the 13th anniversary of hotel in 9/28!
Grateful for everyday use, adimission 50 piece set sells at a great price.

Sales price per set of 50
       ¥ 80900 (¥ 4900 is recommended)

Sales period 10/1/2016 (Saturday) ~ 10/14/2016 (Friday).

Use please set deals