9March 17, (Saturday) 18, (Sunday) please please only subscribe to enter.

Visiting the summer vacation, many people thank you.
I have become completely quiet...

But, but, also we plenty of booking!
9March 17, (Saturday) 18, (Sunday) is
2 days stay we will only book of visitors.

Your day is barbecue materials please we can only subscribe
Yet the book of barbecue is being accepted.

Telephone bookings are looking forward to!

Metalwork will finish by convenience.

Metalwork experience will be discontinued due to.

Catching fish is finished.

Catching fish is now closed.

We have many guests enjoy.
Thank you very much.

Established a dedicated counter please fill out facility use application form.

Recently,In the camping place was on the left sideThe new counter is implemented!

The campsite customersRegardless of the presence or absence of reservations, please fill out facility use application form here.Please.
Facility use application has finished fill, please come to the check-in counter.

Please help us to accept a smooth,.
Customers please note, your facility use application form is already, fill it in,
Direct,, Please come to the check-in counter.

8/20(Soil), 21, (Sunday) 28 (Sunday) barbecue book is now closed.

If is the announcement from the campground here.
Bunch of your reservation, thank you.

8/20 (Saturday), 21, (Sunday), 28, ended (Sunday)'s BBQ reservations
Thank you very much

8/12(Gold)-8/15 ended (Monday)'s BBQ reservations

If you notice from the campground here.

8/12 (Friday)-8/15 (Monday) barbecue book is now closed

Is forbidden to put up tents and tarp to lodge and river

If you ask for from a campground here.

It is forbidden to put tent and tarp next to the bungalows, as well as floodplains.
Barbecue on the river is prohibited.

Also, please your car as much as possible and ITIF on like will come
Ask us for details.

To enjoy the camp to your understanding, thank youPlease

8/12(Gold)-8 / 15)Before us is a subscriber-only admission

If you notice from the campground here.
Bunch of your reservation, thank you.

8/12 (Friday)-8/15 (Monday), you will be reserved only for admission.

Will not be admitted without a reservation during your

Maybe that barbecue your reservation and accommodation you will be limited to subscribers.

For your understanding, thank you.

From today Shizuoka Daiichi television "whole wide", will be televised

Weekdays, from today through 8/22, Shizuoka Daiichi television "whole wide" at the corner of "pecorino",
If you will be televised here and the area.

Zunda of iio, ease, shukusann, visited us!

If packed with goodness here, is not to be missed

The melon is growing

If you're in here Office"Melon"I brought.

It is a vegetable.

Gourd family native to India is a perennial.
"Melon"In fact, curved and long and slenderly postponed while snake exactly like his!

And bitter in taste was fresh, though not rich in minerals and dietary fiber and is healthy.

I'm glad it's healthy.

Served with raw salad, stir-fried, funny, GOOD!