Frog Rhacophorus eggs.

ABT is still 1 cm, small andRhacophorusGaimashita.
Still has water in.
From an egg foam, tadpoles and I grew up here.

In the natural world has a lot of natural enemies such as dragonfly, gengold, Newt would feel sturdiness even than cuteness.
Returning to live in water for a while, but may be soon.

Natural habitat Rhacophorus forever want to protect and I thought by chance.

7January 16, (Saturday) hand fishes begins

And I was, caught!

Children's shouts echoing in the blue sky.
Children are afraid of water, no fish child, am enjoying catching somewhere along the line.
Stuffed grilled fish even fish the exhilarating atmosphere, is the spectacle of the year.

Now, this year,From the 7/16 (Saturday) start catching fish.
8/31 (Wednesday) daily 10:00-conducted 3:00 PM.

Camping park admission, for payment, will receive tickets for the fish.
To specify the time in catching enjoy catching fish.
Staff will be happy to salt.

It is a one-tail 600 yen. From 10 or more are available upon reservation. 9 tails the following day at the reception please let us know by.
Separately, per person will be charged admission to 150 yen.

To the memories of the summer?
Forward our to do!

Summer! Organize experience in metalwork.

Summer metalwork workshopsIs being planned!

Just now, we are planning on and still not notice for more information:.
You gave us a look at blog just to gently empty.

Using copper camp together in a parent/child need a spoon, "you here" of let's make memories.

He also coached from Hamamatsu City Matsui Jun-San is.
Matsui do made vacant houses near the camp site, nice work.

Photo at the top is the Matsui's work.
Picture in the middle is the official making a teaspoonful of the prototype.
Pictured below is a prototype made for the first time, officials is one teaspoon. In about an hour!

More soon, announcement on the blog will continue. To enjoy!

Rhacophorus Egg hatched (hatch)

(Hatched) hatched from the eggs of the tree frogTadpoleI found!
Swimming in the water, feeling good,.

Cute ~.

It is good to grow and become a respectable Rhacophorus.

If you have a whole lot of nature seen only here!

(Dump the hauling sand) Please note that the passage

Shizuoka Prefecture in land improvement construction-agriculture and forestry Office.
To utilize haranoya dam sediment,Transportation by dump truckDone as follows.

-Construction 6/13/2016-11/30/2016(Closed on Sundays and public holidays)
● time 8:30-16:30

Haranoya dam sediments, (fertility 丹地 Ward) Owada tunnel → hold true district (area 1, saikoji teMpLa)

Please come 10 minutes attention to driving your car.

Announcement of the holidays from the hot spring hotel

Announcement of the holidays from Hot Springs Hotel.

Check the equipment for the6/7 (Tuesday), 8 (Wednesday), 9 (Thursday), 10 (Friday)The, Will be closed.

Thank you are sorry for your inconvenience.