Surrounded by forest and stream, located in mountainous areas, "Narakoko no Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

And I was, caught!

Children's shouts echoing in the blue sky.
Children are afraid of water, no fish child, am enjoying catching somewhere along the line.
Stuffed grilled fish even fish the exhilarating atmosphere, is the spectacle of the year.

Now, this year,From the 7/16 (Saturday) start catching fish.
8/31 (Wednesday) daily 10:00-conducted 3:00 PM.

Camping park admission, for payment, will receive tickets for the fish.
To specify the time in catching enjoy catching fish.
Staff will be happy to salt.

It is a one-tail 600 yen. From 10 or more are available upon reservation. 9 tails the following day at the reception please let us know by.
Separately, per person will be charged admission to 150 yen.

To the memories of the summer?
Forward our to do!