Surrounded by forest and stream, located in mountainous areas, "Narakoko no Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

Summer metalwork workshopsIs being planned!

Just now, we are planning on and still not notice for more information:.
You gave us a look at blog just to gently empty.

Using copper camp together in a parent/child need a spoon, "you here" of let's make memories.

He also coached from Hamamatsu City Matsui Jun-San is.
Matsui do made vacant houses near the camp site, nice work.

Photo at the top is the Matsui's work.
Picture in the middle is the official making a teaspoonful of the prototype.
Pictured below is a prototype made for the first time, officials is one teaspoon. In about an hour!

More soon, announcement on the blog will continue. To enjoy!