Terms and conditions of the day

 Thank you very much if you're here camping available, thank you.
Thanks, gave us a lot of room reservations during the golden week.
The following four days,Day guests of barbecue you will be limited only to order
4/29 (Friday) & 4/30 (Saturday) & 5/3 (Tuesday) 5/4 (Wednesday)

In addition, please check by website or telephone consists of BBQ.
Reservations are available 3 days before 4:00 PM to please.

We are very sorry, but your understanding, please.


Carp streamer

 In the breezes,Carp streamerSwimming in it.
Images are the River, cottage and camping at reception before.

Still, fewer customers, so a little loneliness,Carp streamerIt is the people.
Look at lots of guests, boasts proudly, to imagine.

MajesticCarp streamerOf the figure, please!



Cherry Blossom Festival visitors thank you

<g src="/71643/files/2016/04/20160411_1300.jpg" alt="" />

 Yesterday 4/10 (Sunday).CherryFestivalTo many people, thank you so much for visiting.
Images are yesterday's suspension, flea market, rice cake throwing from the top.
Started a little bit distracted, however, also of cherry blossoms in full bloom and many customersWould enjoy.

2:00 PM Cherry Blossom Festival after the end ofIf you're here-no-YuIn some large customers


Cherry Blossom Festival

Cottage guests hot springs bath coupon (3 / building)
4/9 (Saturday) cottage guests only

4 月 60 日 ~ bath ticket discounts up to 4/30
(50-sheet set sale: 20600 yen)! 4,It is 900 yen discount!

4/10 (Sunday) Cherry Blossom Festival will do.
10:00-up to 2:00 PM is.

○ free market 95 stores
○ Chibi bracket workshop
○ If you here juice free
○ blossom live (Kakegawa Music Club)
○ Rice throwing ritual

Cherry blossoms in full bloom.

It is cherry blossoms in full bloom.
It is spring.


More cherry blossoms


A day trip up to 4:00 PM, so you stay loose, slowly enjoying the cherry blossoms, hot springs is the best!!!

Take a look at the, please visit!