Thank you very much

This year alsonarakoko-no-Sato(Forest City hot springs"If you're here-no-Yu"In the sequence"If you're here camping.)
Stay, thank you.

0/2016 alsonarakoko-no-SatoAvailableEncouraging the staff look forward to.

Everyone to wish you health and happiness
Go ahead and pick good years.

Camping at year-end holiday closing notice.

☆ camp at year-end announcements ☆ new year sales.

1231(Trees) up, we will be open.
12March 31, (Thursday) the hotel isTo check-in up to 3:00 PMOn boarding, we ask will.

1/1(Gold) from 1/6 (Wednesday) is closed on Mondays.

7/2016 bookings will be accepted from 1/7 (Thursday) 9:00.
Booking and are looking forward to!(^^)!

Hot Springs Hotel year-end/new year holiday notice.

Hot Springs Hotel year-end/new year holiday notice.
Year end and new year,Opening and final hours will change.
1231-1/3Until the5:00 PMIt comes to.
New year's dayThe bathing service8:00From the open.
We await you.
Furthermore,1/5(Fire)Is closedIt comes to. All of the staff

I made new year shimekazari

 If 12/26 (Saturday), at the recent camp administration building, targeted at elementary school children and their parents was held new year's day sunset made with hot-spring bathing experience.
Families participated 42 17-tuple, if then, challenge and enjoy the sunset making whats the bath water here.

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This website has been renewed!
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Kadomatsu completed

Made by the staff. The final product?
We will forward to.
by anpanman

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