Surrounded by forest and stream, located in mountainous areas, "Narakoko no Sato",
While feeling the changing seasonal nature and enjoy camping, hot springs.

If you're here-no-Yu

100% unadulterated hot spring w you can enjoy rich natural colors of babbling sounds of the forest, River, wind, mountain feeling to the skin "narakoko-no-Yu". It is a hot water comfort can feel the warmth of the wood, wood is used in abundance.

If this water feature

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If you're good here

* Share the rules to protect Springs, let's take a good bath
-Bathing three principles-
Body wash and go.
Towel into the hot water.
Get the hair in hot water.

* Discovering haranoya River after bathing, too, once again in hot water, it can help you unwind.

In bath and open-air bath, no nothing.

Trivial questions for staff by staff and customers, even answer with a smile.
We strive so that the distance between customers and staff.

Breather and hewn building (somanoyakata) / hotel and local commodities corner

The local market of (outdoor)
◇ sales with locally grown fresh vegetables, prepared foods, pickles, etc.
-Every Sunday week 9.:00-13:00

Guide to parking